Webkinz More than just a stuffed toy

Don't buy a cuddly toy, buy a webkinz cuddly toy the stuffed toy of the 21st century

Webkinz toys, the absolutely lovable cuddly toys with a twist

They are basically stuffed toys that are of various designs and each design is limited in number
They are all based on animals ie the rabbit, cat, horse etc but there is more!!
Your kids new plush toy comes with it's own secret code. This is where all the fun begins. With the webkinz secret and unique code, you can log into the webkinz website and register your toy online

This secret codes allows you to adopt your stuffed toy as a pet at the webkinz official

site and build a virtual world for your pet

In the Webkinz virtual world, you can play with your pet, feed your pet, build a room

for your webkinz pet and design it

webkinz room

But you have to pay for some added features for your pet. Not real money but in

Kinzcash, the virtual currency of the Webkinz world.

To earn webkinz cash you have several options

  • Purchase another webkinz product and register it at the webkinz site. Wide range of
products include webkinz lipgloss, carrying bags, mousepads, trading cards, charm

bracelets, clothing, bookmarks,pencil case, knapsack and much more

  • Taking part in games in the webkinz virtual world and earn webkinz currency, the kinzcash if you win

In this virtual webkinz world, you cuddly toy is not just a stuff animal, he eats and

drinks, has likes and dislikes, is sometimes ill and needs to see Dr Quake, sometimes

sand sometimes happy, a virtual pet but without the mess

This virtual world is so well developed that there is even a chat room for webkinz

owners to share ideas

Imagine buying yourself a well made stuffed Webkinz  toy and then creating a life for him online